Terms and Conditions

  1. Contractor will not be held liable for missing or accidental harm to your children or your animals. All children and animals are to be held away from the Work site. It is understood that the doors of the house are frequently propped open for the loading of tools and material.   
  2. If a pre-existing or hidden condition is encountered during the installation, which will hinder the integrity of the Work, Contractor will inform you of the situation and determine whether this issue needs to be fixed before installation continues. You will be provided with options based on the issue encountered. If additional charges apply, the charges will be reasonably approved by the Owner before Work begins.    
  3. There will be dust present in your home during installation. The Owner is responsible for covering and unplugging all electric devices. The Contractor frequently turns electricity off during the day. This can damage your electronics. Contractor is not held responsible for any electronics that are damaged during or after Work is completed. 
  4. Contractor will inform the Owner of any work delay due to missing or damaged materials and parts due to delivery and/or availability of materials. Start date may change due to delivery delays and/or availability of materials. 
  5. Any changes other than those specified in the Agreement must be discussed and approved in full by the Contractor and Owner and may result in a price increase.   
  6. Contractor will only be held responsible for plumbing or leaks in areas that have been serviced. Contractor will not be held responsible for any plumbing issues or leaking pipes that have not been replaced or altered at the time of remodeling.   
  7. Please consider your materials and design selections carefully before you make such decisions. No changes can be made to an order once it is placed. Once materials are selected by Owner all changes of any kind will result in a price increase.   
  8. All renovations may cause cracks or nail pops to dry wall in other locations of the Premises. No painting or repairs of any kind are provided in any other location in the Premises due to the Work.                      
  9. When the job is complete the Contractor will leave the Work area broom swept.                                
  10. No landscaping services or repairs of any kind will be provided under this Agreement.                                 
  11. Contractor will supply labor and material according to the terms of the Agreement, and Owner will supply all other material and labor.     
  12. No adjustments to allowances will be made toward the contract total/Compensation.                      
  13. Any electric panel upgrade is an additional charge and is not a part of the Work.                                     
  14. No electric grounding is provided under this Agreement.
  15. A designer / color coordinator will work with the Owner on all material and design selection for the Work.           
  16. All additional electrical and plumbing Change Orders will result in an additional charge to Owner.                            
  17. All electrical wires or plumbing pipes need to be fished through 2×4 and drywall. Contractor will repair and paint the damaged area related thereto only and not the entire room nor other parts of the Premises. 
  18. Owner is solely responsible for purchasing its desired appliances and engaging and coordinating with the appropriate vendor and installer related thereto. Owner shall confirm to Contractor in writing that the appliances purchased from such vendor fit within the drawings provided by Contractor and such confirmation shall be binding on Owner. Contractor will be unable to order cabinetry until Owner has confirmed in writing to Contractor that the purchased appliances work with the drawings provided by Contractor. This must be done within three (3) days of Contractor’s request. Any delay with respect thereto will delay completion of the Work through no fault of Contractor, and any changes in the Work related to appliances different than confirmed to Contractor shall require a Change Order and additional payment by Owner.   
  19. Owner shall coordinate and schedule any required appliance vendor walk through and installation and is responsible for reviewing all warranties for such products. Owner acknowledges the warranting party and not Contractor is responsible for such warranties.   
  20. Owner acknowledges Contractor cannot start the Work until Contractor is in receipt of all materials that would allow Contractor to reach Substantial Completion. Contractor is not responsible for delays caused by missing or damaged materials.       
  21. Owner is responsible for the information, including specifications, Owner (or its agent or any third party hired by Owner) gives Contractor. Contractor is entitled to rely on the accuracy of the information provided and is not required to ascertain whether such documents are in accordance with applicable laws, ordinances, codes, rules or regulations. Contractor is not liable for damages resulting from errors, inconsistencies or omissions in such information or documents or for nonconformities of such items to applicable law.           
  22. The Owner shall furnish information or services required of the Owner by the Agreement with reasonable promptness. The Owner shall also furnish any other information or services under the Owner’s control and relevant to the Contractor’s performance of the Work with reasonable promptness after receiving the Contractor’s request for such information or services.           
  23. The Owner is responsible for coordinating the work of any contractors hired directly by the Owner with the Work of the Contractor. 
  24. Owner acknowledges that Owner has had an opportunity to review the limited warranty set forth in the Agreement and that Owner understands the limited warranty is the only warranty which will be provided by Contractor to Owner. Owner hereby waives and disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, and warranty rights, including without limitation, the implied warranty of habitability and any implied warranty of fitness for particular purpose. Owner accepts the limited warranty as the sole warranty being given by Contractor to Owner and understands Contractor is only obligated to perform warranty service as to those defects in materials and workmanship that are covered by the limited warranty during the applicable warranty period set forth in the Agreement.     
  25. Failure to pay any amounts owing under the Agreement will result in forfeiture of the limited warranty set forth in the Agreement. 
  26. Owner agrees that Contractor shall not be liable for any work, whether or not patently incomplete, or any defects not specifically noted in the Final Punch List. There shall be no withholding of payment owed to Contractor or any part thereof for any such items.     
  27. Owner acknowledges that Owner has had the opportunity to examine the limited warranty and the manufacturers’ warranties on appliances and equipment related to the Work. Owner acknowledges that Contractor has not made and is not making any other warranties, express or implied, by statute or otherwise, to Owner, except as set forth in the Agreement. Contractor shall not be liable for personal injury or property damage due to or arising from environmental or ecological conditions. Owner understands and agrees that any warranty service performed by Contractor does not expand or enlarge the warranty coverage period specified in the limited warranty; create or establish any new express or implied warranties; and/or toll and/or extend any applicable statute of limitations.                          
  28. Owner understands and releases Contractor from any liability with respect to the review of elements of design in the plans and specifications of any third party, including any designer or architect, except in its capacity as Contractor, and Contractor is not liable for damages resulting from errors, inconsistencies or omissions in such plans and specifications.
  29. Business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, excluding holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas through New Years). Any messages received via email, text  or voicemail outside of business hours will be addressed within 2 business days.