How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

Did you know that a kitchen renovation is likely to add several percent to the value of your home? (Forbes 2022) Moreover, remodeling your kitchen can make for a more comfortable, practical, and aesthetically-pleasing space.

At Monarch Prime, we understand the value of an elegant, modern, and professional kitchen renovation. We are a woman-owned business that offers design services and management in the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas.

However, regardless of where you are, we provide insights online into topics such as how long it takes to remodel a kitchen. Today, we’ll cover just that, looking at the pre-construction phase right through to the cleanup. Let’s go!

Pre-construction duration for a kitchen remodel

On average, renovating a kitchen takes between six and eight weeks. However, a complete timeline must factor in the pre-construction phase and tidying the space once construction is complete.

If you do not own the property yet, you should close on a deal and have the keys in hand before finding a company to renovate said kitchen. This can take between one and three months, depending on how far discussions have progressed. Of course, if you already own the property, this specific timeframe is irrelevant to you.

Next, you’ll probably spend several days posting your project online or/and contacting companies and contractors directly regarding your kitchen remodeling job. 
If you live in the Maryland or D.C. area, feel free to contact us today to discuss your kitchen renovation!

Once you’ve secured a contractor or company to take on your kitchen renovation, the next several weeks will concern site visits and soliciting a bid. Within 2-3 more weeks, you can expect the company to offer you a contract to sign before they finalize the kitchen renovation schedule.

Once you’ve signed the contract, it’s time to deal with permits and approvals. How long this part will take can vary greatly as there are many factors to consider, such as how strict the rules and regulations are in your area and the nature of the kitchen remodel. 

Around this time, the contractor/company will source the necessary materials. You should also inform your neighbors before work gets underway and let them know how long it will take, even if just to be polite!

How long do kitchen renovations take?

As mentioned, the actual work is likely to last six to eight weeks. However, a kitchen remodel timeline will depend on various factors, such as the size of the kitchen being refurbished.

The time to remodel a large kitchen would likely fall in the range of ten to twelve weeks, while you may be looking at a work timeframe of three to four months for a larger and even more extensive kitchen renovation. All in all, these are approximations, but the contractor/company you hire will give you a clear idea of how long the work will last before construction begins.

It generally takes a few days to demolish existing kitchen structures where needed. Building up the new kitchen structure will probably last four to six weeks, while installing new cabinets, fittings, and appliances will take approximately two to ten days. Lastly, cleaning up should involve just one day of work.

Benefits of remodeling a kitchen

Almost one in three Americans who have remodeled their kitchens have done so because their existing one is totally worn down. Whether this applies to you or if there’s another reason, refurbishing a kitchen can offer many benefits.

Here are some of the key advantages of a kitchen renovation:

  • Likely to save you money in long-run
  • Should increase the value of your property
  • Improves the look of your kitchen
  • A more efficient space to work with and enjoy
  • Enhanced comfort levels
  • Can make it easier to clean and declutter your kitchen

Why does renovating a kitchen take such a long time?

Remodeling a kitchen usually takes longer than renovating other home areas because of the many moving parts, fittings, and appliances. 

Your kitchen needs more than just electricity and heating. It also requires significant plumbing work, a long-lasting floor, sturdy worktops, materials suitable for an area with high moisture levels, and a durable set of kitchen cabinets. 

So you can see how the work can add up and lead to a more extended timeframe than would be the case with renovating a living room or bedroom.

Time- and cost-factors of remodeling a kitchen

We’ve touched on some of the time-affecting factors of a kitchen renovation. However, you should note that some of these factors would also impact the cost of remodeling a kitchen while others would not.

Here are the key cost factors of renovating a kitchen:

  • Size of kitchen remodel
  • Type of kitchen renovation
  • The complexity of the remodel design
  • Your location*
  • How many fittings/facilities you want
  • Ease of access

*Depending on where you live in the United States, tradespeople and companies will come with different labor rates since, in general, the price of labor varies across the nation.

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As for the time-affecting factors, they include the following:

  • Number of tradespeople on the job*
  • Size of kitchen remodel
  • Type of kitchen renovation
  • The type of materials you wish to use
  • The complexity of the remodel design
  • How many fittings/facilities you want
  • Ease of access

*The more laborers on-site, the faster the job should take. While an additional laborer will probably mean a higher daily labor fee, how much this quickens up the work may cancel out the added daily expenses when it comes to your final bill.

The services we offer

Today, we discussed how long it takes to renovate a kitchen. And kitchen remodeling is one of the services we provide.

Aside from renovating kitchens, we install new flooring, refurbish bathrooms, fit doors and windows, and provide custom carpentry, among other services.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality results with both transparency and a lack of delays. We’ve completed many successful projects so far after 20+ years in business.

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