Considering Your Options in Cabinet Materials When Doing A Kitchen Renovation In Maryland

The kitchen is where we spend most of our time, and it’s where we carry out all of the exciting things we do at home – like cooking or prepping up a tea. That makes it the perfect place to put your own stamp on your home.

It’s no wonder that kitchen renovations in Maryland are one of the most complex things you can do to a property. 

So why are kitchens hard to remodel? Well, because they’re so important to us, the sense of disappointment when they don’t work out is huge. It’s an enormous emotional investment that goes into a kitchen remodeling project, and it can be deeply demoralizing if things don’t go well.

Kitchen renovations are also difficult to get right. They’re expensive, they take weeks or months to complete, and they involve multiple contractors. Because kitchens are used every day, there are few more visible ways for something to go wrong.

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, the cabinet is one of the most important elements.  As well as providing storage, they also play a key role in setting the overall aesthetic and feel of the space. Therefore, the cabinetry requires a big investment during a remodeling project.

During a kitchen renovation, your choice of materials for the cabinetry can make or break your renovation efforts. When we choose material in our design studio in Maryland, we usually recommend 4 types of materials. Let’s break down our top choices.

  1. Solid Wood

Hardwoods are perfect for those that have a large, open, or remodeled kitchen.  Furniture-grade hardwoods tend to be more expensive than softwoods, but they are also much more durable. Solid wood cabinets will last longer and look better over time than any other type of cabinet.

The downside to solid wood cabinets is the price, as they are more expensive than other materials.  However, they may still be worth it if you plan on keeping your home for many years.

  1. Laminates

A laminate is a man-made surface formed by fusing together several layers of materials. As solid wood is prone to damage and infestation, often laminates are preferred.

Laminate is a thin material made by compressing several layers of kraft paper, treated with phenol-formaldehyde, and impregnated with melamine resin. This process creates a durable surface that cannot be scratched, dented, or burned by hot pans. 

It is also immune to water damage and infestation by insects. Laminates are available in different textures and colors – glossy, matt, high gloss, leather finish, and wooden look. The price varies depending on thickness or quality.

  1. Medium-Density Fiberboard 

If you don’t have enough budget for solid wood cabinets, we recommend you go with medium-density fiberboard, which is a great compromise between the two. 

At our studio in Maryland, we noticed that medium-density fibreboard has become a popular choice for cabinets in the last few years. Since it’s made of wood fibers and resin, it looks and feels much like real wood, which makes it a great choice if you’re trying to build a kitchen that doesn’t look cheap.

It’s also sturdier than real wood, although not as sturdy as solid wood. It’s resistant to cracking, so it can keep its shape over time, and it won’t warp when exposed to heat or moisture. While it can still be dented by heavy objects or sharp enough knives, you don’t have to worry about your knife cutting through the cabinet as you do with some particle board materials. And since it is so strong and relatively cheap, we find that many customers prefer medium-density fiberboard over solid wood for their new kitchen cabinets.

  1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is available in hundreds of styles and finishes, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect piece for your home.  Although stainless steel isn’t as popular as wood or laminate yet, it does have its advantages.

Stainless steel is strong and durable, making it an excellent choice for people who cook frequently.

The material won’t stain or scratch easily because its surface resists corrosion, which makes it the perfect choice when it comes to your kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen and Cabinet Remodeling in Maryland

You’ve got dreams of making your house the perfect home and we’ve got ideas that can make it happen. All that’s left to do is contact us to get it started!

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